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Новое видение творческого пространства от команды клуба ЦОКОЛЬ.

ZOCCOLO 2.0 — уютный концертный клуб, в котором хорошие люди встречаются с хорошей музыкой. Проверенные годами ценности настоящего питерского андерграунда: гуманность, дружелюбие, независимость во взглядах и звуках — в новом формате.

Открыты для каждого по адресу: метро «Площадь Восстания», Лиговский проспект, дом 50, корпус 3. Работаем с 15:00 до 24:00 (в пятницу и субботу до 6:00, если есть ночное мероприятие). Начало концертов в 20:00.

Club history goes back to the distant 90th, the time of the club culture evolvement in the post-Soviet St. Petersburg.

In 1996, a team of enthusiasts started to make a rock concerts on the “Theater on the Perekupnoy” stage. 1996, On the November 29 Markscheider Kunst’s broke the ice of the official history of the MOLOKO club, that, doubtless, became the brightest star on the club horizon of the late 90’s — 00’s.

Moloko had existed on the Perekupnoy lane for almost 10 years, but in 2005, the club had to move to a new place. A year later, in October of 2006, the club opened its doors to the musicians and guests with a new name — “Zoccolo”. And after 8 years of the successful work the club changed it’s location again, and moved to the just gaining popularity underground cluster on Ligovsky 50, and located there to the present day.
Currently, Zoccolo club represent full-equipped concert hall and bar, that can place up to 400 people, with world-class quality sound-system and backline (кликабельная ссылка на техрайдер). Famous artists and young local bands of very different styles, from hip-hop to punk-rock, regular giving concerts (кликабельная ссылка на расписание) in there. It remains unchanged democratic pricing (ссылка на англ. меню) and friendly atmosphere in which people from very different social classes feel comfortable themselves.
The club is open for collaboration, not just with promoters and booking agency, but with the great pleasure host to touring DIY bands either from every corner of the world. If you are interested in the possibility to play in St. Petersburgб on the stage of our club, please contact us

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